Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Maui and the sun.

Whainga ako: sound out words to read fluently. -read L19 Sunshine Online. -sound out letters in words you don’t know how to read -Jolsen and Patrick read with Alison Maui and the Sun Pg 2-3. Why would short days be such a problem? Because maui and his brothers couldn't ate there food. Pg 4. What is Maui’s idea? Do you think it could work? Maui’s idea was to make flax to pull the sun down. Pg 5. Does the sun really come up out of a hole?It does come out of a hole. Pg 9. Why does Māui beat the sun?Because maui thinks the sun goes too fust. What is your favourite part of this story? Why?When maui pools the sun down to hit it.Why because maui hits the sun. Skate Champs What is skating?When you go riding on a skateboard. it is a loge board with wheels. Have you ever skateboarded before? How did you feel?No because we don't have one at our house. Who are the people in the story?Luka and his friends and his dad. What are the boys in the story doing?Practises for the finals. Who is your best skater in the story? Why?Luka why because he wins the finals. What was your favourite part of this story? Why?When Luka went flying in the air.

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